ELLE Investment Group was founded to address a systemic problem that has plagued investors for decades: large, vertically integrated brokerage firms claiming to be financial advisors, when in reality they are manufacturers and purveyors of financial products.

At ELLE, we perform multiple roles – advisor, strategist, consultant, financial confidant – but we are never proprietary salespeople.

ELLE is an independently owned, registered investment advisory firm that has achieved a high level of Wall Street sophistication while fully retaining our autonomy. Led by a partnership of experienced investment professionals with their own established practices, ELLE is in an ideal position to meet client demand for more objectivity, transparency and independent thought at a time when confidence is shaken and trust in the traditional brokerage system has been lost.


ELLE is a fiduciary wealth management firm. The difference between a fiduciary and the typical advisor is that a fiduciary must, by law, put the client’s best interests first.

According to a study by Cerulli & Associates (Reuters 2010), only 6.4% of all financial advisors are fiduciaries exclusively; the remaining 93.6% are essentially salespeople.

Putting your interests first and providing objective advice and solutions is more than just a mission statement at ELLE – it is our duty.